Dear Cavity-Fighting Friend,

Imagine if you had a secret system for keeping your teeth looking great… the same system that certain savvy people are using to quietly transform their own average-looking teeth into gorgeous pearly whites.

Imagine if this system could be used by you, today, to safely and gradually remove cavities and unlock your natural healthy smile.

What's more, this system can be used by men, women, and even children to build a great-looking smile.

It’s quite possible for one system to do all of this and it all starts with a small, life-changing step that you can take today.

Hi, my name is Alice Barnes and I have a very important message. If I’m right about who you are and how you feel about your own health, then this is a message you won’t want to miss.

By the time you’re done reading this letter, you’ll learn how ordinary people like you and me can take their own teeth and transform them into healthy, pearly white, and cavity-free teeth in as little as six weeks.

Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking… "this sounds too good to be true, right?"

Well, it is true. I’ve come up with a powerful and proven system that does exactly that. In fact, many people are reporting they’re seeing smaller and fewer cavities on their teeth in as little as six weeks.

Best of all, it requires no surgery, no drugs with potentially harmful side effects and no expensive trips to the dentist.

It’s because I’ve discovered…

The Secret to Great-Looking Teeth at Any Age…

Now I need you to listen very closely. I’m going to reveal one of the biggest secrets of dental professionals. It’s a secret behind why the dentists profit millions of dollars each year. It’s a secret that I’m sure they won’t like me sharing with you.

However, before I share their secret, I’d like to first address one of the biggest complaints I get by email every day. I call it the “cavity conspiracy” and millions of people are already experiencing it.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman…

If you’re young or old…

If you’re rich or poor…

… Cavities will attack your teeth as soon as they can and turn them into an ugly, painful mess as soon as they can.

Beautiful Smile with Perfect Teeth

And once that happens?

Well, the odds of keeping the rest of your teeth cavity-free start mounting against you.

Then it’s only a matter of time before your dentist tells you that you have another cavity, and another and another – until the cavities start overrunning your mouth.

Before you know it, you’re faced with a dentist drill and a numb jaw.

You then wonder, “This doesn’t make sense! I take proper care of my teeth!”

If you are like many people you will brush your teeth twice a day, floss, watch what you eat and drink – yet you will still develop cavities.

It’s not your fault.

But it’s still enough to make you want to scream…

“What in The World Is Happening with My Teeth?”

Remember when I said I’d share one of the dental profession’s biggest secrets? Well, here it is. When it comes to cavities, many dentists offer up advice like “brush your teeth”, “floss everyday”, and “eat less sugar”.

But that advice doesn’t get to the root of the problem: What’s causing your cavities.

Now don’t get me wrong. Things like brushing your teeth and flossing are good ideas. I do recommend that you still do them. Cutting down on eating sweets and junk food isn’t just better for your teeth… it’s better for your waistline too.

The thing

Toothache Pain

    Has your dentist ever mentioned sugar is not the only thing which fuels cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth?

    It’s true — sugar may be the “food of choice” for cavity-causing bacteria. However, it’s not the only fuel option.

    Has your dentist ever told you that you could eat loads of junk food and sugar every day and never get a single cavity?

    It’s true — if you take the right steps to protect and care for your teeth.

    Has your dentist ever told you that you can heal your own teeth and reverse the effects of gum disease?

    It’s true — numerous medical studies have shown the negative effects of cavities and gum disease can be healed.

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know any of this.

If your dentist told you this, you’d never need another appointment again. If they told all their patients, then they’d probably be out of business.

It’s outrageous but it’s true. Nearly every dentist is padding their pockets with their patients’ hard-earned money simply by not sharing the whole truth.

So, let me clear up some of the skepticism and confusion about…

The Silent Killer of Your Teeth…

Chances are, you’ve already tried more than one thing to improve your teeth and ward off gum disease. Heaven knows, dental care is a multi-billion-dollar industry and there are plenty of products and services competing for your money.

  • Toothpastes (There’s dozens of them available at your supermarket or pharmacy)
  • Mouthwashes (Different flavors, different kinds)
  • Floss (Different thicknesses, flavored, and unflavored)
  • Dental picks (You guessed it – different sizes and shapes of them)
  • And lots more!
Dental Care Products

These can help in some way. Unfortunately, none of them truly address what creates cavities and gum disease in the first place! If they did, then you wouldn’t need these products anymore.

You see, it’s not the amount of sugar you eat. It’s not how much plaque you may or may not have on your teeth. It’s not how much gingivitis you may or may not have on your gums either.

It’s the number of cavity-producing bacteria you have in your mouth. These bacteria, Streptococcus mutans, are a major cause of cavities in your mouth.

Streptococcus Mutans

Left unchecked, Streptococcus mutans will go on a rampage, silently killing the enamel and health of your teeth. Eventually, you’re left with a mouthful of fillings and an empty wallet.

But what if you could reduce the bacteria yourself? What if you can start reversing the damage that’s already been done to your teeth and gums instead?

Well, it’s not just a dream – it’s a reality. I know because I once used to suffer from cavities myself.

I say “used to” because once I figured out how to repair and restore my own teeth to their natural state, I haven’t had a cavity in years.

Best of all, I’m confident that I’ll never have another cavity in my life too.

It hasn’t always been this way.

In fact, there was a point in my life where I was…

Spending Obscene Amounts of Money on Dental Care Every Month!

Look, I’m not a doctor or a dentist. I don’t head to the gym as often as I probably should. I don’t watch every little thing I eat either.

Even though I do all the “wrong” things, I still have a great smile. I haven’t had a cavity in years. In fact, it’s been so long since I’ve needed to see my dentist that I doubt he would even remember me.

It wasn’t always that way.

You see, for far too many years, it seemed like I was constantly visiting my dentist. I was probably one of my dentist’s favorite patients because I was spending obscene amounts of money every month. I tried every service his office had to offer. I tried fluoride varnishes, bleaching treatments, whitening gum shields, dental cleanings and much more.

I still battled unsightly stains on my teeth. It was embarrassing.

expensive dental costs

How could I look my best when I was always worried about other people seeing how ugly my teeth looked?

I wish I could say my dental woes ended there but they didn’t.

One day I was cleaning my teeth and happened to be looking in the bathroom mirror. And that’s when I saw it: There were several teeth with small chips in their enamel.

At first, I thought maybe I had eaten something which damaged my teeth. Then I thought maybe it was just a few eggs shells which had gotten accidentally mixed into my morning eggs.

You can imagine my surprise when a few days later, there were tiny pieces of enamel coming off in my mouth.

I was horrified. I had great oral care habits for years. Now all of a sudden, my teeth were falling apart? It didn’t make sense to me so I hurried to make an appointment with my dentist.

That’s when he gave me the bad news…

The Ugly Truth About Pre-Decaying Teeth

When my dentist told me I had pre-decaying teeth, I felt my heart climb into my throat. My heart stayed there as he explained that my tooth enamel was dissolving away.

My dentist told me it wasn’t a question of if I would develop cavities. It was guaranteed to happen. The question was how long it would take until I started seeing big ugly cavities springing up on my teeth.

Even filling the cavities wasn’t guaranteed to fix the problem because fillings don’t last forever. Eventually, I would be forced to spend thousands of dollars on procedures like root canals and crowns for every one of my damaged teeth.

My dentist suggested that I schedule several appointments and “take care” of those emerging cavities right away.

When I heard that, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I didn’t want to empty out my bank account or run up my credit cards just to get my teeth fixed.

In my heart, I knew there had to be a better way to fix my teeth. I knew I had to find out what my dentist wasn’t telling me (or didn’t know) about reversing cavities.

So, I took a big chance.

I put my dentist’s plan on hold and started searching for ways to heal my own teeth instead.

I decided right then that if I was going to experiment with fixing my own teeth, then I wanted to only use natural or proven methods.

So, I started relentlessly pouring over medical studies for the teeth and mouth. It took months and months of tireless work before I started to make any real progress. Fortunately, I kept detailed notes on what I had found every step of the way.

I’d take every promising idea and hunt down the scientific research which supported it. Each time I found a new research “nugget”, I’d test it on myself. What worked, I kept doing. The rest I quickly discarded and focused on finding something else to test.

It was only a matter of time before I had come up with a series of things I could do to heal my own teeth. I started using these methods and my teeth started changing for the better. Within two months, my great-looking smile was back. Best of all, there were no more cavities!

Well, it didn’t take long before my friends and family noticed. They wanted to know how I’d given my mouth a complete makeover.

They kept asking me how I could afford to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in a dentist chair.

When I started to tell them what I had done, every single one of them was shocked. They couldn’t believe it was possible to reverse cavities, but I was the living proof. All my friends and family wanted to try my methods themselves. So, I agreed to teach them everything I had done.

Guess what? In a matter of months, they were cavity-free too.

That’s when I realized I may have come across something revolutionary. Suddenly people were no longer forced to spend thousands of dollars in dentist fees to keep their teeth healthy.

They didn’t have to settle for having a mouth full of ugly teeth either.

That’s when I had a breakthrough: There were a lot of people suffering from cavities. But they didn’t need to.

So, I had a new mission: To help other people become cavity-free too!

Introducing “Dentist Be Damned”…

The Complete System for Naturally Reversing Cavities and Gum Disease

At the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I think you’re going to love my program.

You see, unlike many other dental care and cavity prevention products on the market, “Dentist Be Damned” will help you quickly get to the root of the problem.

As you follow the steps laid out in the “Dentist Be Damned” program, you’ll see the results as your body rebuilds and restores your teeth to their natural healthy and beautiful condition.

Best of all, the “Dentist Be Damned” program has been proven to work without using dangerous surgery or harmful drugs.

When you use this program, your teeth will slowly become stronger and healthier again. You’ll be amazed as your smile starts looking like you’ve never had a cavity in your life.

reverse cavities naturally

Inside my program, I’m going to share everything you need to know to stop and even reverse your teeth cavities.

Even if you think you have weak enamel, bad genetics, bad hormones… or any other teeth issues, my system will benefit you.

In fact, in as little as six weeks you’ll notice a huge improvement in your dental health. You’ll be able to enjoy a new, gorgeous smile too.

Because once you get started with “Dentist Be Damned”, you’ll discover…

How to tell if you’re getting a cavity BEFORE your tooth starts to hurt…

Is your tap water helping or hurting your teeth? I’ll give you the inside scoop on how you can quickly find out yourself…

The toothpaste ingredient some researchers believe will (paradoxically) worsen cavities and might cause cancer…

The “anti-nutrient” found in most carbohydrate foods. If it is left unchecked this stinker can really wreck your teeth…

Two easy ways to safely remove stains from your teeth naturally…

“Floss your teeth” your dentist says… but should you? I’ll give you the no-holds barred truth…

Ingredients and foods that you might be taking unknowingly right now that are rotting your teeth away...

Warning: “Dentist Be Damned” Is Not for Everyone…

Before you decide to try “Dentist Be Damned”, I need to issue a few small warnings.

First, if you’re looking for an instant cure for cavities, then “Dentist Be Damned” isn’t for you. The damage that has been done to your teeth and gums isn’t something that can be fixed instantly by any product, even ones which are only available by prescription.

The harsh reality is your teeth have been damaged over weeks… months… perhaps even years.

Second, I don’t know what condition your teeth and mouth may be in. It may take several months of using my program to completely restore your teeth to a cavity-free condition. I’m also sorry to say that if you’ve suffered broken, chipped teeth then “Dentist Be Damned” may not be the right option for you.

Third, if you’re into paralysis by analysis…or sleeping on things… then you’re probably better off sticking to what you’re already doing.

The reasons are obvious.

Even the very best program in the world won’t work if you don’t put it into action. You must be willing to learn what I will share with you and put it into action.

Of course, if you are ready to act, then “Dentist Be Damned” can help. Once you start using “Dentist Be Damned”, you’re going to love seeing how much better your teeth and mouth are becoming.

Just follow the step-by-step plan laid out in my program and let your body do the rest. It’s really that easy but you’re always free to choose how closely you want to follow my program.

Here are a few more things you’ll discover in “Dentist Be Damned” …

  • Three ways to tell if a dentist is an ethical one before they start drilling…
  • Why smoking can devastate your teeth (it’s NOT just the nicotine stains)…
  • The dirty little secrets about fillings that dental professionals rarely reveal…
  • A list of foods which secretly create an enamel protecting film whenever you eat them…
  • Why women are more likely to get cavities…
  • My exclusive dental shield protocol. Simply follow it step-by-step and you’ll be amazed as you see your teeth become pearly white and cavity-free. (It even works for people with gum disease too!)…
  • And much more…

When you click on the button below, you're going to get instant access to the “Dentist Be Damned” system.

Ordering takes place on Click Bank, the Internet’s most trusted and secure platform for purchasing online information. It’s 100% SAFE from identity theft or any other security concerns.

It’s easy to get started with “Dentist Be Damned”. Simply scroll down and click on the “Add to Cart” button. Then fill out the rest of the priority enrollment form and you’ll get instant access to the complete “Dentist Be Damned” program.

However, let me make it even easier for you to try it today with the…

“Love Your New Smile Money Back Guarantee”

I want you to be completely confident that “Dentist Be Damned” works as well as I say it does. The best way to do that is for you to see the results it can deliver with your own eyes.

So, here’s what I suggest you do:

Take “Dentist Be Damned” for a “test drive” for the next 60 days. Follow the easy to understand instructions listed in my program.

If you don’t see a noticeable difference in your teeth and mouth…

If you don’t hear more compliments and raving praise from your friends and family about how much better your smile has become…

Then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me through my support desk and I’ll issue you a complete and hassle-free refund. No strings attached.

No fuss, no muss.

Just a 100% money back guarantee that stands behind a product that really does everything it promises.

Fair enough?

It’s simple really. You can wonder if “Dentist Be Damned” is as good as I say it is… or you can find out for yourself by clicking the “ Add to Cart” button below.

Because if I’m right, then you’re going to thank me for making “Dentist Be Damned” available. You’re going to appreciate how the information contained in this program is so easy to put into action and still delivers an amazing transformation of your teeth.

You’re going to be happy that you no longer need to cover your teeth when you smile.

You’re going to be beaming inside when friends and family notice your smile has gone from average to great. They will want to know your secret!

You’re going to be relieved that you no longer need to make excuses about your “bad teeth” anymore.

“Okay Alice, How Much?”

By now, you’re probably wondering how much the “Dentist Be Damned” program might cost. Well, I’ll tell you in just a minute.

But I think the better question is how much my program could save you instead.

If you were to try to put together something that was as complete and proven to work as my “Dentist Be Damned” program, then here’s what you’d have to do…

You’d have to spend countless hours researching topics like nutrition…dental tools and techniques…effective (and healthy) oral hygiene plans… and much more.

You’d have to spend countless hours of trial and error to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

You’d most likely end up angry, frustrated and with teeth that were no better than they are today. Worse, you’d still wind up at the dentist’s office, spending your hard-earned money to get your teeth fixed — instead of fixing the actual cause of your cavities for good!

So let’s be honest…

You don’t have to do any mind-numbing research… because I’ve already done it for you.

You don’t have to do any frustrating trial and error… because I’ve already figured out what works and what doesn’t.

You don’t have to do any more expensive dentist appointments… because I’ve come up with a better and cheaper solution for you.

All you need to do is take my proven to work “Dentist Be Damned” program and use it to get your own great-looking cavity-free smile.

Quite honestly, there isn’t another program available on the market that is as complete as “Dentist Be Damned”.

Here’s what you will get…

You get the “Dentist Be Damned” core program to help you repair your teeth and mouth to their natural healthy state. By following the easy to understand training you’ll discover how to repair and restore your teeth.

Of course, there are more than just your teeth in your mouth.

That’s why I’m going to include two very special bonuses…

Special Bonus #1: “How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Forever”

Have you ever seen someone embarrassed by their stinky breath? You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from halitosis.

The painful truth is you might suffer from it too and not know because you can’t smell your own breath. In fact, you wouldn’t know your breath is nasty unless a friend or loved one tells you.

I don’t want this to happen to you!

Inside this 100% content and pitch-free report, you’ll discover…

  • The absolute worst way to make your coffee if you don’t want bad breath…
  • Our body’s number one defense against bad breath…
  • How to reverse early periodontal disease before it’s too late…
  • An easy way to reduce gum inflammation. It’s 100% natural, can be done at home, and takes less than a minute to do… (Hint: it’s not using mouthwash or brushing your teeth)
  • An alternate halitosis treatment using something found in most kitchens. Simply use this natural substance for 20 minutes each day and you’ll notice a big difference in your breath in a matter of weeks…
  • At work or a restaurant? Try one of my 13 effective remedies to get rid of the bad breath temporarily…
  • And much more!

This special report is yours for free when you agree to take “Dentist Be Damned” for a 60-day risk-free trial.

But wait there’s more…

Special Bonus #2: “How to Get Rid of Canker Sores Fast”

Sure, bad breath is unpleasant but it’s not like someone can see halitosis from a distance. That’s why I think canker sores are even worse. They’re painful, they often come back and everyone can see them hanging on the corner of your mouth.

If you’re like me, then you’ll love this special report. Because you’re going to discover…

  • The two toothpaste ingredients which can cause canker sores…
  • A common mistake that coffee drinkers make with their favorite brew — do this and you’re leaving your mouth and teeth wide-open for canker sores and cavities!
  • Two major causes of canker sores or mouth ulcers…
  • Five natural remedies you can use at home…
  • Nine ways to get rapid pain relief from a canker sore…
  • And much more!

Based on how much my system could change your teeth for the better… the amount of money it can save you at the dentist’s office… the amount of praise and compliments you’ll gain over your new great-looking smile, I’d be well justified to set the price of “Dentist Be Damned” at $197.

But I’m not going to do that.

You see, thanks to the power of the internet I can lower the cost of fulfillment significantly.

There’s no expensive printing and shipping of any physical manuals or reports to do.

I want to pass those savings onto you. I also want to make my program affordable for as many people as possible. That’s why I’ve made “Dentist Be Damned” a simple one-time investment of just $47.00!

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re starting with a mouth full of cavities or want to make sure you don’t ever get a cavity…

Just following the “Dentist Be Damned” program will help you get your mouth cavity-free and keep it that way!

Anyone can use “Dentist Be Damned”. It doesn't matter if you are young or old. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

The “Dentist Be Damned” system is easy to understand and even easier to put into action. Best of all, you’ll be saving a small fortune by not needing to go to the dentist office.

If the idea of naturally healing your own teeth scares you, then don't worry. You’re completely protected by my money back guarantee. I promise . . . it’s extremely easy to use “Dentist Be Damned”.

It doesn’t matter if you're currently dealing with one cavity or a whole mouthful.

It doesn’t matter if you're currently dealing with bad gums or hoping you don’t have to soon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute novice or an old pro with your own dental care.

I’ve made it as easy as I possibly can for you to reverse and heal your own cavities.

All you must do is follow the step-by-step plan laid out in “Dentist Be Damned” and put it into action. It's really that easy.

When you look at how much money you can wind up spending on a single dentist visit, you may be wondering why I’m offering this amazing system for such a ridiculously low, almost inconsequential price.

Quite simply, I’m committed to helping as many other people become cavity-free again.


  • I remember the times when I had to give myself a “pep talk” just to go to the dentist. I’d spend the entire appointment hoping and praying he wouldn’t find anything wrong with my teeth.
  • I remember how stressful it was when I’d get the bill from my dentist. Sure, I had dental insurance but it didn’t cover everything. There were a few times where I had to stall paying some of my other bills just to pay for “fixing” my teeth.
  • I remember feeling embarrassed by my teeth. I’d mentally remind myself to cover my teeth every time I smiled. (Especially for family pictures!)

Today, I feel blessed. It’s been years since I’ve needed to go to a dentist and I don’t see why I’d ever need to go again.

So, I want to make a difference. I want to share what I know. I want to help other people, get cavity-free and a clean dental bill of health too.

So, for just a small one-time fee, you get to tap into the easy to use and proven to work system that I’ve created.

Just look at what you’re going to get…

First, you’ll receive the complete “Dentist Be Damned” program. Simply follow the step-by-step program to gradually repair and restore your teeth to their natural cavity-free state.

Next, you’ll receive “How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Forever”. This powerfully effective report will help you virtually guarantee you’re never embarrassed by your breath ever again.

You’ll also receive “How to Get Rid of Canker Sores Fast”. Because let’s face it: Canker sores aren’t something you want lingering around your mouth.

Just click on the “Add to Cart” button below to get started with “Dentist Be Damned” today.


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It’s Time to Kick Cavities to The Curb…

Right now, you’re standing at a crossroads and there are only two roads in front of you to choose from.

One road is a path you’re already quite familiar with. It’s what you’ve been doing for months – perhaps even years now. Of course, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing then six months from now, I’m afraid you’ll probably find your teeth haven’t improved at all.

Then there’s the other road. It’s the road to finally getting the cavity-free teeth you want to have.

I can’t make the decision for you. However, if I could, here’s what I would do:

I’d take the “Dentist Be Damned” program for a test drive by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button below.

I’d take this proven dental system (backed by scientific research and studies) and use it to help me repair and restore my own teeth to the natural, cavity-free state as quickly (and safely) as possible.

I’d rest easy knowing that I had a full two months to see how the “Dentist Be Damned” program works. If the program failed to deliver noticeable results, then I’d know I could still request a complete refund.

It’s really that easy to get started with “Dentist Be Damned”.

But here’s the thing: I don’t think you’re going to want to ask for a refund because I’m 100% confident that you will be absolutely delighted with my program. “Dentist Be Damned” is a complete preventative dentistry system designed to help people like you safely repair and restore your teeth to their natural cavity-free state.

My program has been completely tested and proven to work.

Simply take “Dentist Be Damned” for a 60-day risk-free test drive. Two months from now, if you aren’t positively delighted with the results you’re seeing from using my system then contact me for a complete refund. It’s really that easy.

Just look at everything you get with the “Dentist Be Damned” …

You get the complete “Dentist Be Damned” system which will guide you towards eliminating cavities and gum disease…

You get the special report “How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Forever” which shows you to avoid having embarrassing “dragon” breath in public…

You get the special report “How to Get Rid of Canker Sores Fast” which will give you proven “tricks of the trade” for getting rid of pesky canker sores practically overnight…

It’s easy to get started with your risk-free trial. Simply click on the “Add to Cart” button below and you’ll be reviewing my program in mere minutes.

The "Dentist Be Damned!" program is worth $197, yet you pay
only $37 That's $160 off! What are you waiting for?

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P.S. Your body prefers to repair and restore itself naturally. That’s why “Dentist Be Damned” is so amazing. My program only uses 100% healthy and natural methods to reverse cavities and eliminate gum disease.

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